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Man or Horse Part 1

Just have to get it off my chest now: Men are like horses.

At least in relationship matters. Why? Because I have observed it. Since I was a child. That’s when I started watching horses. Ponies.

The men came later.

But first, I’ll introduce you to another important key person who made me come to this hypothesis: The horse girl.

Horse girls are special: they spend half the day in the stable, on weekends all of it, and their lives revolve exclusively around horses.

Besides, they are in relationships or marriages, they have one to three children, at least two of whom are in puberty, and they have a house with a garden and a dog. And by the way, the horse has won a prize at least once at some super important tournament that every horse lover knows about.

But how do they do it? How do they discipline and organize themselves like that? And how can they still have a usually very good-looking husband who also supports them and takes care of children, house and dog, when she is with her horse for the 17th time in the last quarter of a year at the blacksmith, vet or wherever? Probably all these female riders use the tricks that work so well on their horses on their men.

But what kind of tricks are they?

To put it in a nutshell: Who has a goal in their relationship that they strive for together with their partner? And who gets up in the morning and organizes not only their children’s leisure activities and weekend shopping, but also their everyday relationship life? Who actually doesn’t refer to the grumpy remark of his beloved and remains totally relaxed in his midst even during an argument?

No rider freaks out if his horse bucks once or knocks over the water bucket. The horse lover simply gets on with what he has planned for that day with his horse and for training. Because riders know that horses are just the way they are. They don’t try to change the horse’s nature, they train the horse to make living together easy, joyful and also successful.

Riders approach the training of a horse completely differently than people in a love relationship. As in any other sport, you start humbly as a beginner. You know your limits, but you already have the goal in mind and also the stages to get there. Arelationship, on the other hand, starts with a tingling in the stomach or an I-can’t-live-without-the-other-one feeling, which suggests that you have finally found the one. Here, you relinquish all responsibility and expect your loved one to make you happy and satisfied every day until the end of time.

If riders approached horse training with this attitude, equestrian sports would not have this good reputation socially and athletically, and there would be many injuries.

The many injuries in and after relationships are well known. And after a few years of marriage, people don’t talk so well about this institution and their partner.

But that doesn’t have to be the case, if one would look at partnerships from a different perspective and approach them differently.

In the Man or Horse series I regularly publish tricks and tips from the equestrian world which work just as well, if not even better, when it comes to relationship problems and issues.

By the way: Horses are not at all like men.

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