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Wild Divine Alpha Female Retreat

Are you ready to unleash the magic inside you and conquer the world? Let's get back to your power and femininity. The Wild Divine Alpha-Female Transformation Retreat is your ticket to a life of self-realization, love and freedom. We are waiting for you with open arms to start this exciting journey together!

Welcome to the Wild Divine Alpha Female Retreat: Your transformation into a powerful and free woman!


We know that within every woman lies an alpha female - a woman who can unleash her true femininity, intuition and strength. This retreat journey will take you to South East Asia and to your inner alpha woman, self-determined and authentic.


Recognize and unleash the Alpha Female:


An Alpha Female is in full control of her life, makes wise decisions and transforms problems into opportunities with mental power. She takes full responsibility for her actions and decisions because she is capable of doing so. Her intuition is her compass, which she trusts unconditionally. When you meet an Alpha Female, you feel a unique blend of love and strength - an overwhelming energy that wants to be with you all day. She is clear, sincere, and radiates integrity and dignity. You can call her Goddess or Queen, because she embodies perfect femininity.


Your journey to freedom:


Self-determination: stop being a victim! In the retreat you will learn to take responsibility, make decisions and set goals. You will courageously tackle problems without fear or doubt.

Freedom: The transformation will envelop you in a sense of freedom that can change the world. Freedom from within - the freedom to live your life on your own terms.

The "You are Magic" System:


Unique and powerful: Our system offers you mental tools that we practice together. And which will be available to you for a lifetime. You will never again need help from the outside, but take control of your life.


Be part of a revolutionary movement:


We dream of a world where powerful, empowered and loving women are the standard. We already feel the energy of this change and invite you to be part of it.


Human Skills and Super Power Skills:


We challenge the norms and encourage you to rediscover your true human abilities and the love within you. Your transformation will let you become clear and sincere in everything you say and do. Your life will feel like a river that you steer along with integrity and dignity. There are many names for this kind of woman: Goddess and Queen are two of them, because she embodies perfect and accomplished femininity in all its facets.


Unforgettable experiences:


Your trip will take you to the magical island of Koh Samui in Thailand. In addition to the exercises, which take about 4 hours per day, you can expect exciting excursions, tropical beaches, yoga, Singing Bowl sessions, Muay Thai, temples, horseback rides, a visit to the enchanting island of Koh Phangan and much more.


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