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Our Story, Vision and Mission

I am Christiane.

Hello, I am Christiane and I have been living on Koh Samui in Thailand for almost 4 years. I came here at the beginning of the Corona period. I do many things and can do many things. I am mainly interested in people with their abilities and how to arrange life so that we all live happy and fulfilled and even get better together as humanity. For example, setting ourselves a goal, a big one, and pursuing that. I studied science of communication and media at the university in Leipzig. Which enabled me to successfully run my own marketing agency. But what also brought me into contact with human behavioral research early on. Later I studied alternative medicine with all its different healing methods. From acupuncture, homeopathy to neural therapy. In addition, I studied mental healing methods at the Samuel Hahnemann School in Berlin. By the way, I was allowed to study with the well-known homeopath Andreas Krüger. In Hamburg I did my training as a hypnotherapist with classical hypnosis techniques. But that was not the only thing I have done so far. Many people have come to me, whether with physical or mental complaints. Especially the mental ones were the tricky ones, but also the interesting ones. These have led me to research people and their abilities and inabilities to be happy and self-determined. I have a lot of tools to work with, and I understood what techniques are effective. This led me to develop my very own mental system "You Are Magic". Besides my work as a coach and speaker, I love other things that make this work complete: I am a proud mom of a unique daughter who taught me everything about love, about self-love mind you, I am a DJ and love to inspire people with music, I am an author, there I do the same as with music only with words (check out "Blog", there you will find excerpts from my book) and I love horses. But probably those who already looked under "Blog" know that. Why I do all this, why I research, heal, learn and teach, is because of my vision: I see humans as beings with unlimited abilities that can be described as superpower, supernatural powers, or godlikeness. Only, we humans waste our energy as well as our time in solving problems and serving something. But not in a higher sense, but in a system imposed on us, an inhuman one. The Bible tells it for hundreds of years, the Hollywood movies are show us daily and now and then we hear about miracles like spontaneous healings and people with supernatural abilities. I would like to start with the step before all the miracles: With the free, self-determined person who is in control of himself and his life. Are we all that already? But not at all! To me, being free means that every human being is capable of making decisions for whose results he or she takes responsibility. That is freedom. Self-determined living means that everyone finds his place in life through the ability to make decisions, his superpower too and gives his life a meaning. That is self-determination. To be in control of oneself and one's life means to follow one's goals through freedom and self-determination and to always know what to do next, what is best in this situation for oneself and for others. So getting out of being a victim and away from all dependencies. And all this together creates a powerful feeling in us, a drive, a joy, a deep love, an all-encompassing love. And this feeling is felt by the people around you and they can't avoid it. This is creative power. All dimensions bend around the person who carries this feeling. I now invite everyone to visit me on Samui and discover together with me and other enchanting women on our retreats what powerful beings we women are and how we can walk the path to a fulfilled and happy life!

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I am Edyta Anastasia.

Hello, I am Edyta Anastasia and I am 46 years old. And I am one of the coaches of Samui Retreat.

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