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The Self-Transformation Coaching

In this coaching program you will learn:

✘ how to tackle problems and solving them successfully
 to make self-determined decisions
 to turn destructive thoughts into productive ones
✘ to manage feelings

✘ practical tools to bring immediate change


The 2.5 month course includes
8 sessions of 2 hours each
2 evaluation rounds of 2 hours each
Intensive practical exercise of 1 hour

Coaching Content

Part I Thought Patterns
«I recognize my thought patterns and change them.»

You learn: What thoughts are. Where do thought patterns come from.
You develop: New and helpful thought patterns.
Practice: Practical change of patterns in a guided session.

Part II Problems
«I see problems as events that require my attention and need to be resolved.»

You learn: What problems are. Why problems are not negative. How to tackle them and find the best possible solution.
You will develop: Technique for processing problems.
Practice: Mental processing of a current problem in a guided session.

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Part III Anxieties
«I understand that fears are a product of my thoughts.»

You learn: What fears are. Why they occur. How to find and process the source of anxieties.
You will work out: Ways to deal with anxieties and to change them.
Practice: In a guided session you change the origin of fear.

Part IV Decisions
«I recognize the unconscious decisions that make me dependent.»

You will learn: What unconscious decisions are. How to get out of being a victim and into self-empowerment.
You work out: Becoming aware of all the decisions you've ever made, taking responsibility for them, and making new ones.
Practice: learning methods to help you make independent decisions.

Part V Sense of life
«I have found meaning in my life because I give meaning to everything.»

You learn: Why you have to give meaning to your life and not the other way around.
You will develop: Method to give every action the appropriate meaning in everyday life.
Practice: In a guided session you will get to know your superpower.

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