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Good resolutions for the new year. Maybe it will work out this year…

Have you also made plans for the new year? Good resolutions, new goals?

To finally have the body you’ve been dreaming of for a long time. To make your business more successful and thus earn more. To improve your relationships. To organise your life better and have time for a new sport or hobby.

Only 2% of all people with good New Year’s resolutions actually achieve them. And before they achieve them, they tackle a goal again an average of 5 times.

Why is that? Why don’t we have the necessary consistency or knowledge to implement our goals gradually and continuously?

Good intentions are goals. And to achieve them, you have to know what goals actually are. How to set and implement them correctly. And what else there is to consider:

Too many goals create an energy hole.

We have a fixed amount of energy available every day. This energy is already distributed among activities that we do regularly. If you have a lot to do in a day, you have very little energy for anything new. And if you take on too much, you usually feel tired just thinking about doing it. Do you know this? You don’t know where to start and don’t even begin. When you set your sights on something, you unconsciously check whether and how much energy you need for it, and this energy is then available to you.

So set yourself realistic goals at the beginning or divide a big goal that is far away from you into stages. Your energy reserve is available for this. And stop daydreaming. When you do this, you imagine all the things you would like to have, but you don’t put them into practice. But since the moment you think about it, you are already unconsciously searching for the paths you have to take to realise and achieve it, it costs you the energy you need for other things. Because you never start to take the first steps.

Your goals are not your goals.

They are the goals of others. Either you want to achieve something to please someone. Or because everyone is doing it or has it. Or because you think it will make you happy.

For example, you want to please your partner and you have set goals that you think your partner will like and love you more for. By doing this, you are putting yourself down and unconsciously showing your true belief: I am not good enough to be loved.

Or your friend has a new, expensive car. Now you want to have at least an equally expensive one. What does this thought say? You are envious and competitive. You don’t allow others to succeed and you want to humiliate them by elevating yourself. Basically, you also think you are not good enough to be recognised and appreciated for your good qualities and actions.

So think about where you got your goals from. And why you want to achieve them.

You will easily achieve the goals that correspond exactly to your talent and your purpose. That is, what you do best and what you should develop in this life. You have to take your place in life.

And just be honest: Ok, you want that fancy gold watch your girlfriend got for Christmas. Why not? But admit that to yourself. You don’t have to tell others. You have to be honest with yourself. Then it will be easier to achieve this goal. Then this goal finds its place further down the list and looks like this: My friend’s watch is so chic, it makes her look like she has money. Even if she didn’t buy the watch herself. And it shines so beautifully in the sun. And everyone knows it’s an expensive watch. I want to look like that too. The watch is expensive and at the moment I should invest my money in my new business. But when I have made X amount of profit with my business at the end of the year, I buy the watch to reward myself and to show myself that I have managed, through smart investments and equally smart entrepreneurial thinking, to give myself the watch.

This goal and the right plan not only brings you the watch, but also connects with the goal you have set for your business.

We can enjoy owning and desiring beautiful things. It’s just that the envy that underlies most such goals is the wrong motivation. And no intelligent implementation plan at all.

There is a lack of consistency.

No actions follow. You think of the goals but don’t ask yourself the questions of how to achieve them and what to do next.

Most people start 5 to 6 times to achieve their goal until they succeed or give up. In order to implement plans, you have to be able to make decisions. Because unsuccessful people rarely make decisions or are fickle.

You can learn how to make the right decisions for yourself and thereby feel strong and free, for example, in personality development coaching sessions such as transformation coaching.

You don’t believe.

To reach a goal, you have to already be there mentally. Then you feel whether it is likely for you to reach the goal. This feeling is the faith that sustains the pursuit of the goal.

How do you strengthen your faith? Start with small goals that are easy to achieve and make yourself aware of this as you achieve them. It is best to write it down.

Or think about what you have already achieved. Write this down as well. In this way, you will experience once again how it feels to have reached your goal and you can easily apply this feeling to your new goals.

Through the exercise of feeling into the goal you have reached, you can also find out whether the goal suits you and whether you are able to reach the goal at all. You might notice that your goal is not working as it is and then you adjust the goal until it feels good to you and you feel that you are already there. It’s like trying on clothes in a shop. The dress looks great in the window, but when you try it on you realise it doesn’t fit your figure. Then you try on the dress hanging next to it, which looked unspectacular on the dummy. But you look incredibly good in it. And you buy it. I call this exercise ‘Showroom of your goals’.

Your mindset is holding you back.

Goals are set consciously. Your mindset is a programme that works from the subconscious. It contains beliefs that you are mostly unaware of. If your goals are contrary to your mindset, your mindset will always win through. Because this subconscious programme serves your survival. And each of our beliefs are actually decisions we have made based on assumptions about ourselves, others and life.

Changing the mindset is possible, but it takes a long time, because you have to find every decision you have made, look at it consciously and then make it again if necessary. A coach can help you with this, too, by working with you neutrally and objectively. And it works best in combination with light hypnosis. This is the best way to work in the subconscious.

In a transformational coaching, beliefs are changed through awareness and reprogramming.

Now take another look at your good resolutions and goals for the new year and review them!

I wish you all that you achieve all your goals.

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