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Looking at and living life in a new way.

Do you know who you are? I’ll tell you in case you are not sure: you are not person X with Y, Z character traits. You are the person you want to be. Do you have a role model? You can be that too.

Often we are told as children what we can’t do. But life is about learning and getting better every day. But you need to have a goal. A plan of how you want to be. Because none of our characteristics is permanent and unchangeable. You can be different in every situation. You were always last in the endurance race? That’s not you. You can change that. You always get sick as soon as it gets autumn? Maybe it was like that until now, but it’s not you.

Please get rid of all the ideas you have about yourself. By that I mean those that are of no use to you. Because, if they don’t bring you anything, then that’s not you either. You are only what brings you forward and makes you happy.

There are ways to strengthen these qualities. If you follow these ways, then the things you don’t like about yourself will diminish. All by themselves. Imagine how you could have been or reacted differently in a situation you didn’t like. You can imagine it. This is the first step towards becoming that. And this transformation has nothing to do with spiritual practices. It is the simple and natural way of being a human being.

As a child, you thought about things, dreamed about them, and imaginatively embellished them. There were no problems, and everything came to you. That is the basis of human existence.

Until the point when you had to do things for other people and they measured you by it. No one asked about your dreams anymore and what you would like to do. What you created for yourself in daydreams is what you’re really good at, what you have the skills for, and what just works. And that’s what you can do again now.

Of course, your life has a different framework now. You’re doing things to get something else. For example, going to work or trying to live a happy relationship. But again, with the right tools, you can make a change that enriches you and also everyone involved.

Imagine getting better every day at everything you want to be and want to do.

Is that your true desire?

How you experience your world, what you experience every day, is a reflection of your thoughts, your images and your perceptions of situations, people and events.

The solution is to become aware of each of these thoughts. But how do you know what you are thinking all day and what your ideas and therefore your expectations are?

Because you have had these thoughts for a very long time. As a result, we are not aware of them and the alternatives to them. We know that we would like certain things and situations to be different, but often don’t know how to change them. The key is in tracking down each of our thoughts and images about the world that you have. That’s the work. And it is worth doing it.

But there is a simple tool to do this and also someone to guide you in this work. In the beginning, it may not be easy to use the technique of detecting thoughts. But it becomes easier and more natural the more you use it. It’s similar to learning to walk. Do you remember how many times you fell down before you took your first step? No? Neither do I. But I do know that I kept trying until I could.

Now it’s time to make your first walking attempts at thought level.

Do you want to know more and learn the life-changing techniques?

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